Extra support (PSR & Gas checks)

Extra support for those who need it

For vulnerable customers who need extra help with their energy supply we offer the following additional services.

Priority services register

If you are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick, we can add you to our priority services register (PSR). Please Connect if you are already on the register or wish to be added.

Gas Safety Check

If you are on our PSR and live alone or with others who are of pensionable age, chronically sick or disabled, or you live with a child under the age of 5 then you could be eligible for a free gas safety check provided:

  1. You do not live in a property where the landlord is responsible for arranging a gas safety check
  2. You receive a means tested benefit
  3. You have not had a gas safety check carried out in the premises in the last 12 months

Your check will be carried out by qualified person and will include checks of gas appliances and any other gas fittings. We’ll check the effectiveness of any flue, the air-supply, the operating pressure and that it is functioning safely. To arrange your gas safety check please Connect