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Typically, low consumption homes are:

—Smaller (1 or 2 bedrooms)

—Regularly empty on weekdays

—Newer (1970+)

Approximate usage for a low household

0-2399 kWh of electricity

8000 kWh of gas

Typically, medium consumption homes:

—have around 3 bedrooms

—have 3-5 occupants

—may have people home during the day

Approximate usage for a medium household

2400-3499 kWh of electricity

12000 kWh of gas

Typically, high consumption homes:

—are larger (4 or more bedrooms)

—may be older (pre 1970s)

—need a lot of heating

Approximate usage for a high household

3500-4599 kWh of electricity

17000 kWh of gas

Typically, very high consumption homes:

—are the largest

—can be the oldest

—need the most heating

Approximate usage for a very high household:

4600+ kWH of electricity

23000+ kWH of gas


Annual kWh of electricity

Annual kWh of gas:

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