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Energy done differently

Welcome to Outfox the Market!

If you have recently become a member, congratulations! You have become part of an innovative way to pay for your gas and electricity and we think you are going to be more than happy. We are set to revolutionise the energy market and literally give the power back to our customers. While we’re at it, we’re going to put the frighteners on the Big 6 energy companies too. These baddies have been taking advantage of customers for far too long and it’s time for change.

If you haven’t yet become a member and are a bit intrigued as to what we do, continue reading and we may just sway you into joining us on our journey. We have the power!

How does it work?

Your membership with Outfox the Market’s Energy Hero Club gives you exclusive access to some of the cheapest unit rates in the UK. We make absolutely no mark-up or profit on the actual energy we supply to your homes.

When you receive your bills, you will be able to see what makes up the wholesale cost of energy.

For far too long, energy companies have bamboozled customers with complex tariffs and pricing structures, all designed to confuse and maximise profits. And lets face it, it has worked.

While wholesale energy costs have gone down, companies have put their prices up and once a few days of negative press attention is over, they win! People carry on as usual and keep paying excessive prices for their energy. Meanwhile, the fat cats just keep on getting fatter.

Now is the time for change! Outfox the Market is the future for energy supply.

Renewable Electricity

While we’re on the subject of the future, cleaner energy must be a part of that. Here at Outfox the Market, the electricity we supply to your home is 100% renewable. Many companies charge hefty premiums for green energy, but we don’t think you can put a price on the future of our planet. So, renewable comes as standard with Outfox the Market.

Will it always work out cheaper?

Wholesale costs can go up and down based on a number of variables. Weather, trade, the price of oil, regulations and infrastructure all have an effect on prices. The good news is, Outfox the Market has a team of forecasting experts who purchase and hedge energy at the best possible prices.

We can’t predict the future but we can give it a pretty good go, and because we are not making profits on the actual energy supplied, we are confident that our prices will remain highly cost effective for our customers.

The table below shows the average annual price a medium user pays in the London area on a standard variable tariff, and the Outfox the Market, Zapp! Tariff price. You can see for yourself, how much money you will or could be saving.

Supplier Average Annual Cost OutFox the Market Cost Annual Saving
Eon 1,123.86 £812.27 £311.59
British Gas 1,045.85 £812.27 £233.58
Scottish Power 1,183.14 £812.27 £370.87
SSE 1,125.12 £812.27 £312.85
Npower 1,196.42 £812.27 £384.15
EDF 1,170.80 £812.27 £358.53
First Utility 1,140.00 £812.27 £327.53
OVO Energy 1,094.48 £812.27 £282.21

Easy and Efficient.

By keeping our costs low, we can ensure our customers get the best possible prices. We ask you to manage your account on line through our Hero Hub where you can submit meter readings, view statements and amend direct debit details.

We also provide a live web-chat customer service tool, which can be accessed via our website at www.outfoxthemarket.co.uk/Contact

The energy market needs to change. Suppliers need to be more transparent and honest with their customers and by paying the same rates as us, we can’t think of a fairer way to supply energy.

Join the Outfox the Market movement today and see for yourself how much you can save.